Womens Experiencing the Vulnerable Miscarriage

Women Experiencing the Vulnerable Miscarriage

having children is a dream of a life partner , have you ever heard of and had a miscarriage ?
some factor causes of miscarriage of the expectant mothers who need to know we discuss here

Not all pregnant women experience , but a miscarriage is a condition that is very common in the early days of pregnancy . Especially in women who have early pregnancies are problematic. Find out what are the characteristics of women who are prone to have a miscarriage .

Usually a miscarriage may occur during the first 20 weeks of gestation. This condition can occur when you already know you were pregnant or even when you did not know you were pregnant.
Here are 7 types of women prone to miscarriage:
Aged over 35 years. Women aged over 35 years have a higher risk of miscarriage than younger women. At that age, women are more likely to contain a baby with chromosomal abnormalities (such as Down's syndrome), where it could trigger a miscarriage.
Caffeine enthusiast. Are advised to limit consumption of caffeine when you're pregnant. High levels of caffeine per day during pregnancy can lead to miscarriage. Caffeine can also increase blood pressure and heartbeat. Both of these conditions are not good for health when pregnancy period.
So, if thou art enthusiasts intake of caffeine such as coffee, tea, chocolate, soft drinks and energy drinks, limit eating them when the two entities. The dose of the recommended daily caffeine consumption during pregnancy is 200 mg per day.
Smokers, alcoholics and drug addicts. Inside the cigarette contains thousands of toxins that if you suck, these substances can enter your veins and then went straight to the fetus in the womb. These substances, such as carbon monoxide and nicotine, can increase your risk of experiencing health problems to miscarriages.
It is advisable to quit smoking totally safe because there is no limit cigarette smoking while pregnant.
The same is true for alcoholics. Until now the experts do not know the limit safe for pregnant women to consume alcoholic beverages. So, it is advisable not to consume alcohol at all during pregnancy, in order to avoid the risk of having a miscarriage. The reason is, alcoholic beverages can be directly absorbed by the baby in the womb. In fact, her organs have not been able to process alcohol, as bodies do.
When the two entities are not only prohibited from taking drugs, especially when pregnant. Consumed illegal drugs such as cocaine or ecstasy during pregnancy, can increase your risk of having a miscarriage.
Weight loss is not normal. Pregnant women bodied too thin or too fat has been associated with the risk of having a miscarriage is higher than women who had normal weight. 
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Never had a miscarriage . Women who've had a miscarriage two or more times in a row , are more likely to lose the fetus back in the next pregnancy .
Suffering from chronic diseases . Women who suffer from chronic diseases or long-term could be a higher risk of miscarriage in the second trimester of pregnancy . Examples of chronic diseases include diabetes ( if poorly controlled ) , kidney disease , severe high blood pressure , or lupus .
Pregnant again too soon . If the distance between the time of delivery and the next pregnancy about 3 months , then you are at high risk of having a miscarriage .
If you belong to one of seven types of women at the top , you do not grieve . Immediately make a change if you want to live in a healthy pregnancy , such as raising or lowering the weight before pregnancy , live a healthy lifestyle , or routine medical care if you have chronic health problems .

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