some Tips to cure your sadness

some Tips to cure your sadness

Sadness is an emotional form of man associated with the emergence of a sense of loss , despair , weak , frustrated , and helpless . Sadness can make a person lethargic , lackluster , even withdraw from the environment .

Basically grief is an emotional response to something that is not running much people know that this feeling has a positive side , that makes you cherish something and more concerned about the other people who are grieving . However , no one need feel sadness . In fact , many people who choose to shy away from feeling sad because it often does not stand her .
When grief became unbearable, you can try the ways below to reduce these feelings.

Understanding grief itself
Sad is a natural feeling. This is the body's response and the feeling of something that you are dealing with. If you are separated from loved ones, loss of pet goods, let down a person, a natural reaction that will arise is feeling sad. You also need to understand, not only you are experiencing grief. Everyone will have the same feeling when experiencing the sad things like that.

Do not be avoided, but faced
Allow yourself to grieve. You are also advised to recognize these feelings. Give some time for yourself to grieve and to "spend" the taste of it. By recognizing the reality of these feelings, sadness subsides faster than when you avoid it.

Remove your emotions to express. do to cry, how long it takes. Research shows that stress hormones out along with the flow of tears. Usually, after crying, you will feel more relieved. If you are more prepared, cry, accompanied by sad music that actually reminds you of the sadness. This sad music will connect you to a state of being experienced and helps the healing process.

Writing can be therapeutic in healing grief. Write a story to express your feelings. Make three words that describe your feelings, at the beginning and at the end of the text. Schedule to write regularly, for example every day, just 10-15 minutes.

Spend time with friends
Do not let yourself continue to wallow in sadness. Spend time with friends and spend time with them. Eating together, going to the movies, or go to places you've never visited can make you forget for a moment of grief being experienced. Tell your situation to them and maybe they can help on one side. Although there may not be much help, but support and concern from friends, no matter how small, can have a major impact in driving sadness.

Control yourself
At the time of sad, sometimes you have trouble controlling your emotions. Emotions can explode at anytime. So this does not happen, control yourself by making yourself more organized. Make a list of things you will do on that day. Write also plan activities in the long term, as you expect in times to come, fun things to do, and you want to achieve happiness. Focus on the positive things that emotion is more restrained.

Living in a positive environment
The most appropriate place when you are grieving is a positive environment. Make friends with people who passionately that you carry over the spirit. Remember again the most beautiful thing you've ever had to create a mood perk. Conversely, avoid friends or a negative atmosphere because its effect will only make it harder to recover from grief.

Do not let yourself get worse when being hit by grief. All of it will pass over time. The important thing is you have to try to make sense of sadness that does not drag on, let alone to interfere with your life in the future.

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